Connected Learners headed to London!

Join us at Bett 2014 Wednesday the 22nd of January!

We will be doing a Live Learn Session at Bett 2014 and would love to see you there!


In this session, we will be looking at how you can use social media like Twitter, Skype and blogging to help students communicate and learn from peers around the world. Technology in the classroom offers endless opportunities to collaborate and engage your students in innovative authentic projects. Last year we wrote the book Connected Learners in class, using SkyDrive and OneNote. Our goal is to show teachers how easy it is to adopt this method and how much the students enjoy working like this. As a classroom teacher, you cannot create your own educational system. However, you can change what is going on in your classroom. This session will show you how to help your students become connected leaners. Our goal is for teachers and students to model a true learner centered environment. Ann will be speaking alongside two of her students: Hanne Wiger and Haakon Bakker

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