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Connected Learners to Paris and London

Speaking engagements!

In addition to our two students Haakon and Hanne speaking at Bett 2014, Stein and Håkon have been invited to Paris and London the same week. Both places they will be able to speak to educational experts on the use of ict in the classroom.

Workshop with OECD and Unesco 21-22. of January

A workshop with participants from Sweden and Norway

Scandinavian Bett event 23. – 24 of January

BETT gjeng Sandvika vgsThis sessions offers a rare opportunity to broaden the range of useful transferable insights available – by connecting UK compulsory education leaders with counterparts from the Scandinavian Countries to discuss a wealth of research on learning and state-of-the-art case studies.

Who should attend:

Local authorities: Directors of Children’s Services (and equivalent), Directors of Education (and equivalent), Directors of School Improvement, Senior technology professionals focused on education Academy and free school sponsors. School governors. School principals/headteachers

Connected Learners headed to London!

Join us at Bett 2014 Wednesday the 22nd of January!

We will be doing a Live Learn Session at Bett 2014 and would love to see you there!


In this session, we will be looking at how you can use social media like Twitter, Skype and blogging to help students communicate and learn from peers around the world. Technology in the classroom offers endless opportunities to collaborate and engage your students in innovative authentic projects. Last year we wrote the book Connected Learners in class, using SkyDrive and OneNote. Our goal is to show teachers how easy it is to adopt this method and how much the students enjoy working like this. As a classroom teacher, you cannot create your own educational system. However, you can change what is going on in your classroom. This session will show you how to help your students become connected leaners. Our goal is for teachers and students to model a true learner centered environment. Ann will be speaking alongside two of her students: Hanne Wiger and Haakon Bakker

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    In our book we offer advice on 7 steps to connect. They are:
    1. Twitter, 2. Blog, 3. RSS, 4. Skype, 5. Quadblogg, 6. Facebook 7. Ning

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About US

This website belongs to 27 connected learners and their teacher. In this unique project we want to show teachers how to transform their classroom and why they need to do so. “The book is about learning online in a transparent world. It is about teachers and students learning together. This is a book written by students on topics they are passionate about, and topics they need to learn more about. It is not a book written by a teacher or educational experts telling you what students want. It’s a book written by students and their teacher in a collaborative project where every voice counts.

What They Say About Us!

  1.     What do you think about the idea of writing a book in English class to help teachers and students ?

Fabulous! You are the students, and that is why we are teachers. Without you, our profession wouldn’t exist actually. To help teachers better understand how you learn is extremely important and a lot of interest, at least to me.

I have been a student too, I am also a student now, and if I have a reason to learn something, it’s worth more than if a teacher tells me to hand in a paper so I can get a grade on it. In my case, if I can work on something I know people will use and appreciate, something that is worth my time, that is much more important to me than a teacher telling me to work just because I have study time.

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